Grown-ish Inspired Style Guide: Black Owned Business Edition

Grown-ish may focus on highlighting Zoey Johnson’s journey to self discovery and adulthood, but her fashion sense steals the show from episode 1. Zoey Johnson, played by actress Yara Shahidi, has already established herself as a fashionista over the years as we watched her character grow into her own in the hit series Black-ish. While her style has always been vibrant, trendy and playfully youthful, she’s quickly adapting her sense of style to fit her new ‘college girl’ lifestyle. Her new click of friends, which include Sky and Jazz Forster (played by singing duo and Beyonce proteges  Chloe and Halle), are also fitting the part with their chic, athleisure style.

Grown-ish stylist Michelle Cole told Strut Glam Lane this about the characters’ style:

“The fashion on Grown-ish can range from over-the-top/funky and high end to simply chic. While it’s not your average college closet, it’s hopefully aspirational to a  wide variety of people from all walks of life.”

Zoey Johnson

Zoey Johnson is a fashion addict, and her college-ready wardrobe (as well as the credit card she maxes out by episode 2) definitely proves it. She established a quirky, funky, vibrant style profile during her high school days. In college, we witness her look become more mature and functional. She’s added an afrocentric flare to her look with the protective braided styles she wears regularly throughout the season.

Zoey’s style signatures include mixing vibrant prints, flowy tops, oversized sweaters & hoodies and ALWAYS a pair of good jeans. When’s she in class, expect to see her in a graphic tee, jeans or a fluffy sweater. At a frat party or pro-black art exhibit, find her in a flowy top and funky pants.

Here’s a style guide of Zoey Johnson’s look featuring all Black-Owned Brands. 

Items Featured: Weary Tee | Legendary RootzValue Black Lives Tee | Legendary Rootz, I Am Black History Tee | Legendary Rootz,  Federica Blouse | Tags ATL, Lifes a Ruffle blouse | Swanka Posh, Olive Jax Peacoat | Kloset Envy, Blue Iris Biker Jacket | Kloset Envy, Olive Floral Shorts | Kloset Envy, Colorblock Striped Skirt | Tracy Reese, Printed Wrap Over Pants | Catch Snatched

Sky & Jazz Forster

Sky & Jazz Foster are full time college athletes, and they definitely dress the part. Always #twinning, they can be caught sporting tons of Ivy Park  by day and youthful, trendy looks by night.

Sky & Jazz’s signature look always includes comfortable yet stylish athleisure wear, but on a night out, they aren’t afraid to show a little skin. They are on top of fashion trends, so expect to see them in tons of metallic, velvet and dressy joggers throughout season 1. 

Here’s a style guide of Sky & Jazz’s look featuring all Black-Owned Brands. 

Items Featured: Black Checkered Joggers | Kloset Envy, Velvet Born to Kill Camo Pants | Kloset Envy, Black Windbreaker Joggers | Kloset Envy, Red Stripe Joggers | Kloset Envy, Parka Style Dress | Catch Snatched, Goldie Tunic Dress | Sonya Bee Boutique, Black Girls are Lit Sweatshirt | All Dem Shades, Ivy Park Sports Bra | TopShop, Ivy Park Knitted Sweatshirt | TopShop, Ivy Park Logo V-Neck | TopShop, Ivy Park Plunge Bralette | TopShop, Metallic Off Shoulder Jacket | Swanka Posh, Long Story Short Camo JAcket | Swanka Posh
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