Blogger Strut: Life in Beverly Heels

I’m so excited to introduce the first ever segment of #BloggerStrut: A series of intimate interviews with black fashion influencers around the world who are steaking their claim on style, one strut at a time. This week, we’re highlighting one of our favorite blogger gals; Beverly of Life in Beverly Hills! Beverly is a lawyer by day and fashion maven by night, sharing her love for designer labels and chic style sensibility from the streets of New York City. Get to know Beverly below and be sure to check out her blog!

Life in Beverly Heels sporting a chic embellished cropped biker jacket and metallic mini.

1. What inspired you to turn your passion for fashion into a blog?

I wouldn’t say I was exactly inspired to create my blog at the time. I was actually uninspired. I had graduated from law school and was working at a firm but I needed some type of outlet. Fashion has always been something near and dear to me, so I thought I’d create a blog just to keep me connected to something I love. I never thought it would turn into the platform that it is now.

2. By day you are a lawyer — do you think this helps the way you approach fashion blogging, and would you ever make this your full time career?

Being a lawyer definitely is something I keep in mind when it comes to blogging. Before I started, I didn’t know how big the blogging industry actually was. Because I take this seriously as my business, having a legal background comes in handy.
Life in Beverly Heels serving luxe athleisure in embellished joggers and our favorite off shoulder trend.

3. What inspires you to continuously create fresh content and push the envelope of your style?

Everyday I am inspired by things I see; people I may come across, architectural designs, even by beautiful trees or flowers. I try to draw inspiration from everywhere and find beauty in everything. By allowing different things to inspire me on a daily, my style is always evolving.

4. How would you describe/categorize your style in a few words?

I like to think I have fun with clothes, I always keep it feminine but sometimes I’ll add a little effortless sex appeal from time to time.

5. Who are some of your favorite designers or where are some of your favorite place to shop?

Favorite designers hands down are Cushnie et Ochs, Victoria Beckham, Johanna Ortiz. They can do no wrong in my eyes lol. Even though they all cost an arm and a leg, they are without a doubt my fav designers. I don’t really have favorite places to shop but I guess I have my go to stores, which are Zara, Asos, and Neiman’s.
Life in Beverly Heels wearing an all black get up that’s so NY.

6. How do you think entrepreneurship plays a role in being a successful fashion blogger?

I think in any profession or industry if you are an entrepreneur you have to put in the work to be successful at anything you do. Blogging takes time and patience. But I find that consistency really is the key. By constantly producing quality content there is no way you wont reach success.

7. Where do you see Life in Beverly Heels going in the next few years?

Life in Beverly Heels I hope will grow globally. I would love to travel more and meet and connect with people all over the world. That really is the best part about blogging is connecting with people you may have never would have come across before.
Life in Beverly Heels serving the ultimate #BloggerStrut!

8. Do you have any words of advice for up and coming bloggers?

Whether you are blogging for fun or you decide to turn it into a business, have fun with it and be yourself. Maintaining your individual style and character will take you very far.
Check Beverly out on her website LifeofBeverlyHeels.Com or on Instagram @lifeinBeverlyheels! 
Gabriella Layne

Editor-in-Chief of The Strut Magazine

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