Sex: The Taboo Tool of Self-Love Puts the Power Back in Our Hands

Patriana Jones was already guiding millennials to relinquish their social media shield and  ‘Keep it Candid’ during her monthly meetups where she gathered them around to talk about the most unchartered topics; from the hardships of dating to the subtleties of sexual exploration. This month, Patriana Jones pivoted these clubhouse conversations into a tell-all memoir entitled  Sex: The Taboo Tool of Self-Love,”  where she narrates the in’s and out’s of the sexual experiences that led her to the path of self-realization — and more importantly, self-love. Anyone who’s followed Patriana’s work up to this point may be highly familiar with her #NoFilter philosophy. Consider that alongside her body positive, Afro-Nudist photos on social media, and you might just think that you know everything there is to know about her. But one skim of the pages of her newest project, and you’ll realize that up to this point, she’s only scratched the surface.

During an era where sexual agency has become a more taboo topic than ever, with movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp forcing us to reevaluate our boundaries and sexual relationships, Patriana is ushering in a post-victim evolution where women are once again encouraged to explore their bodies — both spiritually and sexually — instead of allowing others to define them. As you read between the lines, narrated by Patriana’s unfiltered thoughts throughout each liberating, painful or down-right hilarious sexcapade, readers get the chance to grow with her and take in each lesson learned. After enduring a series of sexual trials and tribulations, Patriana comes out on the other side arriving at a point of ultimate liberation, both mentally and physically. Her ultimate reward becomes having the agency to re-tell these deeply intimate stories, tattered and fragmented, yet succinctly and impactfully. And our reward becomes getting the chance to hop on board for the ride.

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“In this book, there’s sex; and tons of it. But beneath each vivid and detailed story, is an intimate look into the mind of a women who, just like all of us, is looking for the deeper meaning behind each interaction.”

Don’t let the title fool you — this is NOT intended to be a how-to book with clear step-by-step instructions on how to discover your own sexual liberation and a stronger sense of self. But what you CAN expect it to be is the deepest unfiltered look into a women’s sexual mind that you may have ever read, and a relatable tale of many of the things that race through our own minds in these similar sexual encounters. From these candidly shared reflections, they’ll be plenty to learn, but the lessons will solely come from these stories sparking the lightbulb in your mind to interpret your own points of view.

“I touch on masturbation, sexuality, rape culture, sexual healing, mental blocks, communication, foreplay, orgasms, how it all relates to self love and esteem and so much more.”

Fun Facts from the Author


The Divest Deep:

“The hardest chapters for me to write was, “No’ and “3 a.m”. Those two are some of my most emotionally charged pieces. “No” touches on the nitty gritty details of my first serious physically abusive relationship and how that impacted the mental blocks that formed over my sexuality. And “No” explores the sexual assault I experienced, [as well as] the prototype victim and perpetrator images that are toxic and fueling the grey areas of rape culture that keeps our perpetrators protected.


An Excerpt from “No”:

“How was it possible that it didn’t matter to this man that this was MY body and I DIDN’T want to. How was it possible that HIS desires for my body was of more importance than MY desire for MY body? How was it possible that he had more authority in projecting his interest over my body than I did in protecting the interests in my own body?

It was mind-boggling.

It was sickening.

It was the reality of every woman who existed even if it never got to this point for them.”


The Fun Stuff:

“I loved writing “Blowjobs at the Beach.” It’s such a intimate and sensual experience and pretty recent. I love reading it and being able to remember that moment and know that I’m in such a positive and liberated space mentally, spiritually, emotionally and sexually. “Small Dicks, Smaller Coins” is also a hilarious read. So many of us have been with men who robbed us of our orgasms and our coins, lol.”


An Excerpt from “Blow Jobs at the Beach”:

At 23 years of age, I was aware of what turned me on and what fulfilled my needs. I was a black woman who was strong, independent, and a force because that was what society demanded of me. But I needed to be everything but that in my intimate life. I needed to be sensual. I needed to be protected. I needed to be submissive. I needed to be needed and wanted and necessary.”

Sex: The Taboo Tool of Self-Love” is now available for purchase here. Make sure to get your copy today and keep up with Patriana Jones on Instagram @PatrianaJones. Tell her that The Strut Mag sent you!


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